LUVIS Lights

Is a professional company in the field of Medical Gas Supplying Systems of Hospital and clinics located in Incheon Siheung-si industrial city of South Korea. we stablished our company to maintain the medical gas standards in Korean hospitals at the early stages of first decade of 1990 and we succeeded to promote our products for these purpose as well as Medical gas systems of Oxygen, Air compressors , Vacuum and Nitrous Oxide gases for hospitals . More than these , we developed our patient care products in each hospital ward inquiries of these equipment such as Bed Head Units, Ceiling pendants, Oxygen flowmeters, wall suction units ,medical gas out lets of O2, AIR COMP, VAC, N20 ,CO2 and related adaptors . our great success during the past two decades was expanding our international markets through the world, from around countries up to middle east m Europe and African countries according to their standards of hospitals . Our targets are creating new markets according to their needs of medical equipment around the world and offering new solutions for hospitals in the field of Medical gas supplying systems .

Bank Type Oxygenator

Bank type Oxygen Generator devices for hospitals and treatment centers provide the ability to continuously produce oxygen in the absence oxygen-based capsules Some of the benefits of this device are: Complete assurance of the constant source of oxygen, no concern for disordered oxygen delivery Ensure complete oxygen production at peak time High safety and prevention of possible risk of explosion in capsules Return on capital in a short time

Ceiling pendant

Due to its versatility and functionality, this product has the ability to install in all of the operating room and special departments that are designed according to user’s needs. One of the most important features of ceiling pendant is to withstand high weight and install many medical devices, such as monitoring, surgical instruments, IV track system, gases, anesthetics, respiratory apparatus, flumetric oxygen generator, wall suction, and reduced occupational space of the patient and nursing team access. And medicine to serve patient and provide security of the patient during his stay in the intended area and has a rotating ability of340 degrees on each arm .This columns can be single-arm, double-arm, swivel, and motorized .Installing a large number of these ceiling pendant by the experts of the MEG GmbH Company in the country is an evidence to its efficiency and quality

Medical Vacuum System

The definition of vacuum pressure according to quora is the difference between atmospheric pressure and the absolute pressure .When the vacuum chambers are empty, the needles would point to zero. When the chambers are full a thus at atmospheric pressure, the needle would point to 29” .So this gauge represents the absolute pressure. In case, there are no molecules of air that cause pressure. The central vacuum system is designed to create a central vacuum in the entire hospital complex, which is transmitted through the copper piping to the terminal unites of the vacuum in the required parts of the hospital. Vacuum system is designed to create a suction system for the removal of fluids or gases in the hospital, laboratory, and centers requiring suction system, and has duty for the suction system. The Package of the medical vacuum system in accordance with the NFPA99 standard provides the requirement for the vacuum device and includes vacuum pumps (the number of pumps is calculated and determined by calculating the capacity of the treatment center by the engineering unit of the MEG GmbH Company) and the storage tanks